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GoldenCO 80401
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Bodacious Diesel  |  16051 W 4th Ave GoldenCO80401  |  (303) 808-1563

Reviews Of Bodacious Diesel

4.91 128 Reviews
Jan 17, 2018

Great service

P MIllsap
Jan 15, 2018

Always fill respected and the work is done right.

Jan 12, 2018

Excellent customer serviice! After 2 other shops they were able to finally fix the problem!

Scott Tarbell
Jan 08, 2018

Well informed. Communicated well. Good work and service.

John Whatley
Dec 30, 2017

I cannot thank the gentlemen at Bodacious Diesel enough. Traveling from California to Colorado for a famjly winter vacation and our 6.0 Excursion lost all power on Copper Mountain and would not start. I had it towed to our families house for the night. The next morning i called Bodacious to see if they could look at my vehicle so that we can be ready to go back home on Jan. 2. Aaron and his crew got it in, diagnosed it the same day and fixed all of the issues; FICM, INJECTORS and 2 wasted batteries. Picked it up today and she drives like new and my mpg are back up in thr 16mpg range vice 10-13. Thanks again guys for your help and quick service! Highly recommend for all your issues.

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